Rebrand? Or different content channel?

So. It has been a while since I have expressed myself. I also haven’t posted here. I’ve shifted recently to a different kind of medium (highly influenced by my sister) so there will be some of that for a while.

2015-07-27 20.35.48

10k ft Grind

There is something about entitlement
That makes the wearer immune to social cues
To the need to empathize or notice
The half they take out of the middle
And the half they leave for everyone else

The body language of those who notice
Are a testament to the tamping down
The physical manifestation of bowing beneath a sociopathic God

The sitting up in response has become foreign
The stretching of those muscles that are tightest

Upon changing positions we notice
But the paradox remains
Why would one risk losing taking up the most space?
We have a mythology of taking from others, that celebrates those that take

And we rarely stop to notice
The space we already inhabit
Or the other we killed off
As we set death-knell to ‘real’

I own every inch of space in my own body
Ironic then, that the more space I take in the world,
the less I’m supposed to inhabit?
The more uncomfortable I’m made in my own skin

I don’t know if the blank stare or the contempt is more isolating
It takes confidence to be the sane person in an asylum
And hysteria is an old name for ‘impatient with idiocy and ego’
so many diminishing superlatives

How do we fail every time we succeed?
Some unknown fraternal counter factual
That ties our Möbius strip into a Gordian knot
More binding than shoes, or matrimony

The freedom of a truly deep breath
Has much deeper ramifications than my diaphragm
The pause of a moment or two before you begin again


2015-03-08 15.43.11

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