Photo 37How arrogant does this feel? To think you might want to know anything about me. But then, if you are reading this then you probably do care. And, the starting of a blog in the first place assumes that I think I have something original to say that other people might be interested in. So. I’m a graduate student, living in London, trying to find interesting things to read and think about. I think a little too much, and I hope that putting it out into the ether might make some room in my brain and other people might find it interesting, even if its only to disagree with me. (I love that by the way, please, disagree with me, its a lot more interesting that way). I’ve lived a bunch of places and visited a lot more. I get itchy feet. I have strong arguments, but often disagree with the one I’m making. I try to always see the things I’ve missed (because we all miss a lot) and I’m kind of hoping that if I put all of this out there I might finally decide what I actually think, instead of the most recent argument I’ve been making.

Oh, and you should know, not to inspire pathos, but because I think it may be an important disclaimer: Part of the impetus for writing this is because I used to have these conversations with my mother, an incredibly intelligent and inspiring woman. Sometimes in person, sometimes by email, most often through phone or more recently skype we could range from her mystery novels to my crap tv choices, through the collective unconscious, the latest news on either side of the pond, three generations of family neurosis and back to my dinner plans in 45 minutes flat. I can’t do that with her anymore as I don’t think they have broadband where ever she has skived off to (I don’t know my own beliefs about the hereafter and would never presume to know yours either) . I think I need to get these ideas out of my head, and I would love to hear other peoples thoughts about this too. I always had a little secret dream that she and I could collaborate on something. Maybe with your help, and her inspiration we can expand our little coffee klatch and get some other people involved. Either way I’m learning that I might as well get on with it now because, well, there is a lot to talk about…


Contact me if you are interested in chatting or any kind of dialogue. I have lots of social media profiles linked here, hit me up on any of them.

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